Terms and Conditions

You may need to submit certain information to your financial support provider, including your credit card / financial information and contact information.
When you decide to stay anonymous, from the common channel activity is hidden only your name, not the primary translator.
We automatically index it in a specific profile, defined for you, where your contact information is registered. This information remains confidential in general, but serves our marketing purposes.
We collect credit card information, when you complete certain types of transactions, you need payment. Credit card information, which we collect, goes through the marking process of our current service and does not feed directly to us. This information is used only for perfection transactions, for perfection of repeated or guaranteed minimum translations, to which you agree.
You choose "Fierce support", you agree with the theme, which is indicated to you, we will be writing to your bank account without fuss - without any additional consent for any payment.
This is a paid order, pre-submitted to your bank, which will take your account, for the general assembly of the account with your account and Free translation of the bank account to the public organization